From Start-ups to Enterprises

We provide Pre-Qualified B2B meetings for new business opportunities, with a Pay-Per-Meeting model.

-Flat Rate Pricing
-No Monthly Fees
-No Retainer Fees
-No Commission
-No Revenue Shares

We set up the initial meeting and your team pitches, sells, and takes it from there!

Why Choose Us?

Here are a few reasons why our customers Rev up their revenue with the Rhino.

Expert Leadership and Professional Represenation of Your Company and Brand

With decades of expertise in Business Development, we uphold the highest professional standards. Whether we secure the meeting or not, our aim is to leave a lasting positive impression, ensuring your company stands out in the client's memory.

We adopt your brand's identity, acting as your internal Sales Development Representative (SDR) or a dedicated Business Development partner.
Genuine Human Interactions: We steer clear of robotic or spam-like behavior.
We work hand-in-hand with your Account Executives and Sales Team to ensure a seamless experience both before and after scheduling the meeting.

Pre-Qualified Meetings

To ensure that we bring quality and meaningful opportunities, we require a set of rules, guidelines,and qualifications of your ideal client.

This may include location where the client is based, # of empoyees, operating system or software that they currently must be using, etc.

This will be done before the launch and we will work with you to ensure that our team has the product knowledge to handle basic questions and your prop value.

You set the qualifications of your ideal client and we will only set up a meeting if prospects meet the criteria.
Your Sales Representative can focus on their pitch and demo, instead of the worrying about time management to qualify them.
We do follow ups with the prospect ahead of time to remind them about the meeting and also do a short intro and warm hand off to your team.

Pricing Model

Our Pay-Per-Meeting model creates a stress free experieence for your Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Executive teams. We provide you with a set price per meeting that occurs based on the size of the opportunity.

No Retainer
No Commission or On-Going Commision Shares
The Client Will Be Yours To Manage After The Hand-Off

RESULTS - wins worth bragging about

From Small Business opportunities to Enterprises, we've made meetings happen.

Amazon - Direct Vendor Partnership for a B2B Distributor Client

"Our distributor client aimed to have their product lines featured on Amazon. This venture resulted in multi-million dollar revenues within the Pet Industry. Amazon showcased more than 1,200 SKUs from our client, not through FBA or any secondary partnerships, but as items directly "Sold and Shipped by Amazon." This collaboration yielded an astounding ROI of over 12,000% for our client."

Other Successful Partnerships That We've Created for Our Clients:


The services we offer are tailored to your Company, Brand, and Industry to provide new growth opportunities.

No Spam & AI.

We provide a human touch, every step of the way.

Our primary strength lies in arranging impactful meetings, yet our offerings extend beyond that. We can craft an in-house sales team for you, provide sales training, connect you with key influencers, and support any aspect geared towards revenue and growth.

Reach out to discover more.

More Details

Appointments and Meetings

Our team will reach out on your behalf to secure meetings. We research, prospect, qualify, and secure meetings with C-Level Executives or the most appropriate fit to make decisions and influence the opportunity.

Meeting Management

We ensure that the client will attend the meeting and provide a seamless experience on getting your Sales Team on the same page.

Data Insights

We utilize data from various channels and feeds. This helps us have the most updated contact information for the most appropriate contact.


Our team does research on where your product and brand stands in front of the masses. We also utilize trends and news feeds to ensure that we know why they would be a good fit, before the outreach and meeting is secured.

Software and CRM

We navigate to your prospects using our own software. This means that your confidential information will not be needed or shared with outside parties.


You can provide us with a list of clients or leads that you are interested in working with. Also, you can provide us with a Do Not Call list.

If you don't have a list of leads, not to worry.

We can reach out to prospects based on your criteria.


We make your life stress-free so that you can focus on your product and pitch!

Hiring new employees, especially Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), involves several costs and considerations.

Costs for Hiring SDRs: Recruitment Costs:
Posting job ads on platforms like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, or Indeed.

External recruiting agencies fees, if used. Typically, they charge a percentage (often 15-25%) of the new hire's annual salary.

Time costs: HR personnel and hiring managers spend time reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, and discussing candidates.

Training & Onboarding Costs:
Initial training programs, materials, and tools.
Onboarding software.
Time costs: Trainers, existing employees, and managers spend time getting new hires up to speed.

Salary & Benefits:
Base salary: As of 2021, an SDR in the U.S. might earn anywhere from $40,000 to $60,000 as a base salary, depending on location, experience, and the company.

Commission: Depending on the compensation model, SDRs might also receive commissions for meetings set or opportunities created.

Benefits: Health insurance, retirement contributions, etc.

Tools & Software:

CRM software (like Salesforce).
Sales engagement platforms (like Outreach or Salesloft).
Training platforms, sales intelligence tools, etc.

Miscellaneous Costs:
Workspace and equipment (laptops, headsets, phone lines).
Team-building activities or events.
Any other perks or allowances provided to the SDRs.


Customer Satisfaction



Minimum Average ROI


Our Pricing

We offer tailored prices for each of our clients, based on the industry, product, and market.

Contact us today to see how we can collaborate and grow your revenue.

Contact us for pricing today!

$X/per meeting

Small Business Opportunity

Approximate Revenue: Usually up to $5 million
Number of Employees: Typically fewer than 50 employees

$X/per meeting

Mid-Size Opportunity

Approximate Revenue: Between $5 million and $500 million
Number of Employees: Generally 50 to a few hundred employees

$X/per Meeting

Large and Enterprise

Approximate Revenue: Over $500 million
Number of Employees: Hundreds to thousands of employees

Can I cancel my agreement?

You can opt out at any time, and there is no retainer or fee to cancel.

What if the prospect doesn't show up to the meeting?

We will make attempts to reschedule the meeting and you will be only billed if the meeting occurs.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major Credit Cards, ACH/Wire, Zelle, Paypal, Venmo Business. The payment terms are NET15.

Is there a start up fee or any other hidden fees?

No, we are very transparent with our payment terms and agreements.